I tend to post about depression, well, A LOT.

Today I wanted to give my thoughts on why #BellLetsTalk is so damn essential for mental health awareness. This national (and social media international) campaign encourages us to open up about our struggles and in doing so raising money for mental health research, which is effectively changing our largely distorted perception of what it means to experience anxiety, depression or addiction.

Perhaps more importantly, by participating in the conversation and sharing our stories, it’s effectively the critical first step we need to take in getting the help we need. After opening up publicly about depression for the first time, the conversations it inspired with my closest friends and family motivated me to find a psychiatrist.

Over the last two years she’s armed me with vast insights and coping skills and I’ve read everything I can to further augment. I’m well aware that most of us still lack access to the knowledge and services we truly need. But with this campaign raising millions of dollars for mental health research, outreach and other initiatives, this problem is changing, however incrementally.

Most of you know I’m making 1001 Ways To Wonder all about the science of mental health, where we interview scientists from CAMH – Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Queen’s University and more, and the #BellLetsTalk campaign has helped to fund their research, at least in part.


If you or somebody you know might be facing depression, anxiety, or any other kind of mental illness, please subscribe or share to help spread the word.