Filmmaker Bryce Sage believes wonder is the cure to his depression. To find out, he’s exploring and demystifying the science of mental health. Along with his intrepid crew of Wonder Warriors, Bryce tracks down leading experts in genetics, psychology and evolutionary biology to decipher the symptoms and causes of depression and anxiety, while figuring out which treatments work best. What emerges is a documentary web-series that’s equal parts entertainment, education and therapy.

Bryce is no stranger to depression, having struggled with depression for much of his life. However, after seeking help and reading everything he could to better understand this nasty condition, Bryce discovered the more he wondered about what causes his depression, the less depressed he’d feel. With 1001 Ways to Wonder, Bryce hopes to inspire viewers to gain their own life-changing insights, by answering the questions so many of us have but don’t where or how to ask them.

Mental illness affects at least one in five people, many of whom lack the knowledge of and access to the help they need because of Stigma facing mental illness. 1001 Ways to Wonder will bridge this gap by offering an authentic and irreverent entry point to an often marginalized subject. Bryce will collaborate with socially active brands and influential personalities to share their courageous stories, while helping spread the vital word. This will hopefully inspire an online community of #WonderWarriors.

Depression on the Brain

Do different symptoms affect different regions of the brain? Which hormones and hormones influence depression?

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Why do have panic attacks? What’s the clinical difference between anxiety, fear and stress? Does exposure therapy work?

Memory, Trauma and PTSD

How do memories form in the brain and are they reliable? What makes trauma turn into PTSD?

Therapies and Treatments

Which treatments work best from talk therapy and CBT to meditation and yoga? What about treatment-resistant depression?

Exercise and Nutrition

Is exercise more effective than medication? Do endorphins make us feel good? What food should be eating?


To Medicate, or not to medicate, that is the question on many of our minds. But are antidepressants only half the battle?

Nature VS Nurture

What role do genes play in causing depression? How do they interact with environment? Can we nurture our nature?

Evolutionary Psychology

How might evolutionary biology explain things like depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder or ADHD?

The Stigma

Do the stereotypes facing people with mental illness prevent them from seeking help? How do we overcome the stigma?


Overcoming depression, or making a web-series about it, is a team effort. These are the intrepid crew that help bring 1001 WAYS TO WONDER to life.


1001 WAYS TO WONDER wouldn't be possible without the expertise of scientists from these organizations.


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